Pakistani Rupee Depreciation Vs. US Dollar Hurts Pakistani Economy

The depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar is among the five primary challenges currently confronting Pakistan’s economy. The South Asian nation’s Ministry of Finance confirmed this national concern in its latest report.

We want to assist our followers holding units of the Pakistani rupee who need more information regarding foreign exchange rates. We believe sharing this latest forex update will keep them properly informed on how to use their units of the foreign currency this week.

According to the foreign exchange-related news posted online by Pakistani daily newspaper The Nation, Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance recently released its report titled, “Monthly Economic Update and Outlook May 2022.”

The government department noted that Pakistan is presently facing severe economic problems. Additionally, the report indicated that economic growth in the country might not be sustainable in the presence of macroeconomic imbalances.

The problem with the Pakistani rupee is its devaluation versus the US dollar. At the time of writing this report, US$1 is equivalent to 198.67 Pakistani rupees, per the foreign exchange data on

The US dollar has obtained strength versus many other foreign currencies, including the Pakistani rupee in the present circumstances. Besides the foreign exchange rate or Pakistani currency depreciation, the Ministry of Finance has identified four other main challenges Pakistan’s economy is currently beset with.

They include mounting uncertainty, higher or accelerating inflation, declining foreign exchange reserves, and high external deficits. The Ministry of Finance’s report stated that economic growth in Pakistan remained relatively high at 5.97 percent, though due to the present concerns of the economy, its expansion may be challenging to sustain.

Economic analysts cited a solution to the Pakistani economy’s main dilemmas. They said that in the longer run, designing a credible and sustainable future economic trajectory can be the antidote, inspiring investor and consumer confidence.

Furthermore, Pakistan has a much lower propensity to invest. This situation is compared to the high and growing inclination of developing countries and emerging market economies.

Economic analysts think accelerating Pakistan’s share of Gross Fixed Capital Formation in Gross Domestic Product would create extra production capacity, meeting the increasing demand of producers and consumers.

We have observed that the Pakistani rupee is among the many foreign currencies suffering from currency depreciation. Many countries are presently struggling from economic hardships that consist of their official currencies getting devalued against the US dollar.

We think the Pakistani people adversely affected by the value of the Pakistani rupee’s depreciation should wait a little bit. After all, Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance is attempting to address the current foreign exchange problem in their country.

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