Coinlife Review

The services of this brand appear to be on hold, prompting us to lower our rating to 1 star. Rest assured, we will share any new information about its operational status as soon as it becomes available.


  • Simple and fast account signup process
  • Trading philosophy built on trust and transparency
  • Modern and optimized web-based trading software


  • No support for MetaQuotes trading software
  • Services are available in English only
  • Traders can get involved only in cryptocurrency instruments

Coinlife is an online trading platform founded in 2020, mainly focused on providing reliable and professional cryptocurrency trading services for an increasing audience of individuals around the world. Based on advanced technology, innovative tools, and an intuitive interface, this is a place where people with or without experience can get involved in one of the hottest markets at the time of writing. 

Coinlife logo

When trading with Coinlife, the overall experience is completely different than with other brands, as the company had done a lot of research before developing the right infrastructure. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, meaning they post large fluctuations on an intraday basis. As a result, the importance of fast execution, comprehensive trading tools, and efficient software increases. 

There is a specifically tailored offer now available at Coinlife and we’ve taken the time to analyze it for this review, highlighting the most important features and benefits. 

Trading platform

To provide a smooth transition into your new crypto adventure, Coinlife relies on a platform that’s both easy to use and at the same time reliable – especially when you need it the most. As part of its mission to equip traders with cutting-edge trading tools, this web-based solution was created to facilitate professional cryptocurrency trading, using traditional resources like advanced charts, price analysis indicators, risk management tools, and multiple execution modes. 

Placing a trade in a fast-paced environment should be done without hassle, which is why with this WebTrader you can use one-click trading and enter/exit the market within milliseconds. Although there are other platform solutions in the market, Coinlife believes that proprietary software can offer enhanced capabilities, differentiating the brand from competitors. 

Mobile trading capabilities have not been ignored since the platform can be used even on a smartphone or tablet. The superior performance and user interface can be felt when trading with it on multiple devices. This is exactly what traders need, as managing live trades requires a lot of attention when volatility is elevated. 

Coinlife account

Coinlife sees all customers as equals and offers the same trading benefits to everyone. Via a standard account, traders get access to the platform, all cryptocurrencies covered, professional customer support, and educational resources.

Regardless of you prior trading background, opening an account with Coinlife shouldn’t be a concern. It is perhaps one of the easiest processes possible, thanks to the optimization and user-friendly interface created by the brand. 

Coinlife account opening

To start trading once the account is open, you can simply make a small initial deposit using a credit/debit card. Serving international customers, Coinlife accepts payments in various fiat currencies, including US dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. 

If you want to make a withdrawal, a request needs to be sent and a company representative processes it manually. In order for it to be approved, traders need to make sure they take a few steps, including checking the account balance, as well as submitting the identification documents required for verification. 

These procedures are kept pretty simple as Coinlife wants customers to divert most of their energy to trading crypto and developing their skills. Integrating all features into a standard account is a major benefit, especially for those who can’t afford to deposit a lot of money. 

Trading conditions

In terms of the main Coinlife trading conditions, it is important to highlight the coverage of tens of different cryptocurrencies, which are now actively traded by both retail and institutional players. With this brand, traders can get involved not just in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and XRP, but also in other Altcoins like Polkadot, Cardano, Neo, IOTA, EOS, and Stellar. 

Coinlife cryptocurrencies

On the Coinlife blog, new articles are constantly added, about trading tips, top cryptos, trading strategies and other relevant topics for those who want to learn how to trade.

Customer support

Getting in touch with a Coinlife representative is simple and straightforward when using the live chat feature. Also available via email, the service is maintained by a team of professionals, available 24/6 for any inquiry. The customer-centric approach is one of the main benefits when working with Coinlife. 


After analyzing back and forth all the features available at Coinlife, we’ve concluded it is a brand worth noting, considering there are several premium benefits when working with it. You can get involved in crypto using an optimized platform with tight costs, and enjoy the safety and security ensured by the company. Trading crypto with Coinlife can be done easily, as should be with other leading trading brands but sadly isn’t. 

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