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Breaking The Barriers to Trading Online

Your body is yours, and you take personal responsibility for its upkeep, carefully monitoring what goes into it and how much exercise it gets. The same goes for your career....

Why Should You Educate Yourself About CFD Trading?

There are several different types of financial products. Stocks and bonds are the most widely known, while alternative assets such as commodities, forex, and cryptocurrency also are part of a...

Turkish Lira Nosedive Continues amid Inflation Woes

Turkish Lira Nosedive Continues amid Inflation Woes

As many people in Turkey struggle to survive amid the present economic climate of inflation, the Turkish lira has also indicated a bleak picture. This official currency of Turkey has...

South African rand

South African Rand Recovers, But Volatility Seen amid Omicron Fears

The South African rand jumped 0.93 percent to 16.14 South African Rand to US$1 during the early trading sessions in Asia today, Monday, November 29. The currency recovered from last...

Israeli shekel

Israeli Shekel Gains to a Record Strength

The Israeli shekel has become stronger this year and is still reportedly gaining more. This development comes as the country’s central bank, the Bank of Israel, completed its acquisition of...

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