WiseCapitalX review – Is this one of the reliable trading brands?



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About WiseCapitalX

WiseCapitalX is a provider of online trading services that wants to constantly empower individuals interested in financial markets. It does so by claiming to focus on reliability, security and transparency, all of which are paramount for efficient conditions in trading. 

Additionally, WiseCapitalX has a suite of features accessible through a variety of account types. Because of that, it calls the question of whether this is one of the reliable trading brands out there. Since the answer can’t come right away, let’s first analyze their trading conditions.

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Trading the markets

One of the first advantages of working with this brand has to do with market coverage. Based on the information available on the company’s website, it turns out that traders choosing to sign up enjoy hundreds of different instruments. Your choices span across major markets like FX, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

As market conditions could change in a blink, you as a trader need asset flexibility. In doing so, you can shift from one instrument to another, taking advantage of the price directional bias. WiseCapitalX lets you do that by creating a framework in which you are encouraged to constantly overcome your limitations. 

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Account features

All the different demands raised by traders can be accommodated via a diverse account offering. With WiseCapitalX, traders can choose between Basic, Gold, Platinum and VIP. Based on your capital available for trading, one of these options should make sense. 

Feature-wise, the broker seems to have done an optimal job, given even small account holders get access to daily news, the trading academy, support from an account manager and weekly portfolio progress. 

Trading is a never-ending journey and no matter how far you have arrived, there is always some room for improvement. As a result, the larger accounts available with WiseCapitalX are meant to help traders with additional benefits, proportionate to the extra deposit requirements. 

Security and transparency

WiseCapitalX mentioned that it strives to take all the necessary steps to ensure your capital is always safe. Segregation in accounts at Tier 1 international banks is one of the best ways to make that happen. 

Moreover, as you engage the markets via the internet, all the information should be transmitted via secured channels. This broker is using an SSL-secured environment, as all the reliable brands out there are doing. 

On the other hand, transparency is ensured by providing all the necessary details you need before opening an account. If what you find on their website is not enough, the customer support service is able to fill in the blanks. 

WiseCapitalX security features

Bottom line 

To sum up, WiseCapitalX is one of the many reliable choices at your disposal. Holding an account with this broker could fit your modern trading needs. Updated market information, personalized guidance and access to a comprehensive trading education academy are key features part of the offer. Depending on what account type you can afford, the broker can further enhance trading conditions.

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