StonewallFX Review – What should you know about this trading brand

The services of this brand appear to be on hold, prompting us to lower our rating to 1 star. Rest assured, we will share any new information about its operational status as soon as it becomes available.

StonewallFX Review

A reliable trading partner is a must nowadays, with market conditions being as jumpy as they have been in the past few months. StonewallFX is a brand that has recently entered the market, ready to meet this demand.

The broker made it easy to open a trading account today, so before people go ahead with that, we would like to discuss some of the things making StonewallFX an attractive broker. Different tastes emerge between different types of  traders naturally, but all that matters, in the end, is to be sure that the company you are working with is client-centric. 

StonewallFX logo

Assets to trade

Because the focus is on the customer, StonewallFX has made it a goal to provide wide, multi-asset coverage. Currency pairs, shares, indices, commodities, and crypto are all part of the list.

All of the above are popular and heavily-traded assets, not just by retail traders, but by financial institutions as well. Holding an account with this brand offers fast trade execution, accurate quoting, and competitive costs. Although conditions are different based on the account type chosen, StonewallFX does not leave anybody behind. 

Introducing WebTrader

One of the main takeaways from this broker is WebTrader. A new platform with a customized touch might be what you as a trader are looking for. The user interface is very friendly, so even if you are accustomed to another type of software, learning to master this one should not take you too much time.

WebTrader has been designed to ensure stable performance in the market, backed by trusted tools. The team working behind StonewallFX did a good job, based on what already-existing customers are saying. 

There are no limitations in terms of devices supported. As long as you have an internet connection and access to a browser, WebTrader can be the gateway to the markets from any location. 

StonewallFX WebTrader platform

Competitive trading conditions

Affordability is important for the broker, since it addresses a global audience. Perhaps that is why the minimum deposit with StonewallFX is currently set as low as $250. This should be accessible to most traders. 

StonewallFX trading accounts

We were pleased to see that the broker crafted 7 different account types, leaving each user to make the best pick for themselves. That way, customers can enjoy the features that they want, proportionate with the deposit made.

Education, trading signals, online sessions, webinars, and more benefits can be accessed after signing up. StonewallFX also rewards customers with swap discounts and tight spreads. 

Ending thoughts

The path ahead for the markets looks uncertain, meaning this is one of those times to carefully see if your broker provides trusted trading features. Based on the things discussed today, StonewallFX looks to be a viable option. It operates transparently, and that is also very important, since there are many scams out there. There is a team of representatives available to answer any inquiry, so feel free to ask questions, if some details are not yet clear. 

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