Sri Lanka, India Expat Families Benefit from Omani Rial Rates

Expatriates from Sri Lanka and India and their families are getting advantages from their remittances with the latest currency exchange rates of the Omani rial.


This latest foreign exchange development happens as South Asian currencies like the values of the Sri Lankan rupee and Indian rupee have faltered lately versus the official currency of the Sultanate of Oman.


We find this foreign exchange-related report about the Omani rial worth sharing with our readers. We believe they will feel delighted with this positive news, especially if they are Sri Lankan or Indian expatriates working in Oman or have family members working in that Western Asian nation.


According to the foreign exchange report posted online by Omani English-language media company Times of Oman, expatriates from Sri Lanka and India who intend to send funds to their families back home can enjoy very favorable exchange rates for the Omani rial because of its exchange values staying high.


For instance, Sri Lankan expatriates working in Oman who wants to exchange the Omani currency for the Sri Lankan rupee can obtain about 525 Sri Lankan rupees for every Omani rial they exchange.


The official currency of Sri Lanka’s value was less than 500 Sri Lankan rupees to one Omani rial last mid-April 2021. At the time of writing, it stands at exactly 525.38 Sri Lankan rupees to one Omani rial, per the currency exchange rate information posted on the foreign currency converter portal


The Sri Lankan rupee is on a similar journey as the Indian rupee, and expatriates who want to swap the latter to Omani rial will certainly rejoice together with their families back home. Indian workers in Oman can receive 195 Indian rupees for every Omani rial they exchange.


At the time of writing, 1 Omani rial is equivalent to 195.05 Indian rupees, and the exchange rates have been hovering around that value for four consecutive days already. Yesterday, Sunday, January 30, one Omani rial was worth 195.19 Indian rupees, climbing slightly from 195.05 Indian rupees the previous day.


Additionally, the Indian rupee’s rate crossed the 195-threshold for the first time this 2022 last Thursday, 27 January. India’s official currency rose to 195.50 Indian rupees from the previous day’s value of 194.70 Indian rupees.


This moment is the fourth time in under six months that the Indian rupee’s rate has touched the 195-mark. The last time this foreign currency did so was in the middle of last month.


The Omani rial exchange value for India’s official currency at that time threatened to cross the 200 Indian rupees-level. We are glad for the Sri Lankan and Indian expatriates working in Oman.


We believe their remittances will be of tremendous help to their families in their home countries. We also think these foreign workers earning Omani rial can alleviate the dire impacts of inflation on their loved ones in Sri Lanka and India today through the help of their valuable, hard-earned funds in Oman.

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