Interview: John Forman – Author of The Essentials of Trading and Trading FAQs

John’s introductory trading book, The Essentials of Trading (Wiley, 2006) came directly out of his teaching work. It reached Amazon “Top Seller” status shortly after its release. He has also contributed to the SFO Personal Investor Series: Psychology of Trading (W&A Publishing, 2007), and to Technical Analysis in the FX Markets from the publishers of The Technical Analyst magazine, as well as to academic research on automated trading systems. He is also the author of Trading FAQs.

John is currently a Ph.D. student researching retail forex trader performance.

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In this recording, we discuss the following questions:

1.    What do traditional forex traders think about Bitcoin?
2.    Why do you think over 90% of traders lose on the market?
3.    What’s the purpose of a trading plan and why do we need one?
4.    Difference between the trading system and trading strategy. How do we develop both?
5.    What are some characteristics of pro forex traders and how can starters get there?
6.    What do you think about the current situation in Greece and how much is it going to affect the Euro? What are your predictions?
7.   What would you have changed X years ago when you started trading, if you could go back in time?
8.    How was a trader like George Soros able to break the Bank of England. How did he find the opportunity that others didn’t see?
9.    What are the Trading FAQs? Where and how can we buy it?
10.    Advice for people starting/hoping to be pro traders.



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