EUR/USD Forecast: A Test Of The 2024 Low Now Appears On The Cards


As the EUR/USD currency pair navigates through a turbulent market, forecasts indicate a possible test of its 2024 low. This projection is rooted in the prevailing economic conditions and various market indicators that are shaping investor sentiment. Understanding the dynamics at play can provide valuable insights for traders and investors alike.

Economic Landscape

The Eurozone has been grappling with a sluggish economic recovery, exacerbated by persistent inflationary pressures and geopolitical tensions. The European Central Bank (ECB) has maintained a dovish stance, focusing on economic stimulus to spur growth. However, the efficacy of these measures has been questioned as inflation continues to hover above target levels.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the U.S. economy has shown resilience, buoyed by robust consumer spending and a strong labor market. The Federal Reserve has signaled potential rate hikes, aiming to curb inflationary pressures. This divergence in monetary policies between the ECB and the Fed has contributed to the EUR/USD downward trend.

Market Indicators

Several key market indicators suggest that the EUR/USD is likely to test its 2024 low. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has been hovering near oversold territory, indicating potential for further declines. Additionally, moving averages show a bearish crossover, reinforcing the downward momentum.

Technical Analysis

From a technical perspective, the EUR/USD pair has struggled to maintain key support levels. The 1.0800 psychological barrier, which previously provided strong support, has been breached, paving the way for further declines. The next critical support level lies around 1.0700, coinciding with the 2024 low. A sustained break below this level could trigger additional selling pressure, pushing the pair towards even lower levels.

Sentiment Analysis

Market sentiment towards the Euro remains bearish, influenced by ongoing economic challenges within the Eurozone. Investor confidence has been shaken by the ECB’s cautious approach and the slow pace of economic recovery. Conversely, the U.S. dollar has benefited from safe-haven flows, driven by geopolitical uncertainties and economic resilience.

Impact Of Geopolitical Tensions

Geopolitical tensions, particularly in Eastern Europe, have further complicated the economic landscape. Sanctions and trade disruptions have impacted Eurozone exports, adding to the economic woes. The resultant uncertainty has led investors to seek refuge in the U.S. dollar, contributing to the EUR/USD depreciation.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, the EUR/USD is poised to test its 2024 low, influenced by the interplay of economic fundamentals, market sentiment, and geopolitical developments. Traders should monitor key economic releases, including Eurozone GDP growth, inflation data, and ECB policy statements, which could provide further direction for the pair.


The EUR/USD forecast suggests a challenging period ahead, with a test of the 2024 low appearing imminent. The combination of economic divergence between the Eurozone and the U.S., coupled with technical and sentiment indicators, points towards further downside potential for the pair. As always, traders should exercise caution and stay informed about market developments to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

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