CFD Centre – A convenient CFD trading solution in 2022?

CFD Centre is an online broker with a consistent track record in CFD trading, enabling its customers to trade on some of the hottest assets out there. Leading tools and analytics are offered to traders, so they can position themselves in a timely manner. The brand is constantly working on making sure that its trading offer is aligned with modern trading needs, and that has certainly sparked our curiosity. In this review, we will see what CFD Centre has to offer.

CFD Centre logo

CFD Centre platform

The first topic that should be discussed is definitely the trading platform. Instead of integrating an already-existing solution, CFD Centre changes the optics and has designed a brand-new web-based platform. 

CFD Centre trading platform

Traders are posting positive feedback about the platform because with it, they can use advanced research tools, strong security, and TradingView charts to make sure they are opening trades professionally. Commitment to innovation is part of the broker’s ideology, apparently, and now the platform can be accessed by any individual, using any device, and from any location on the planet. 

This trading platform for crypto has fast execution rates, is very secure, and offers interesting features that traders can use for everyday trading in a very challenging environment. 

CFD Centre products

CFDs based on currency pairs, shares, indices, commodities, and ETFs are currently available with CFD Centre. However, it’s necessary to emphasize that thanks to coverage for crypto CFDs, traders can further expand their portfolio to integrate popular tokens such as Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and others. 

CFD Centre account benefits

There’s a standard trading account available for all customers that can be denominated in USD, EUR, or GBP, depending on what each user wants. Because the company sticks to a single account type, every client can benefit from the full range of features available, regardless of how much money they can deposit. 

CFD Centre trading benefits

Multiple policies are in place to ensure every process is done based on rules and also to ensure full transparency. This means that CFD Centre provides you with everything you need to know, before you open an account, for your peace of mind. 

CFD Centre funding options

When making a deposit, you are introduced to several secure payment options. According to the broker’s FAQ section, you can make a deposit by bank wire, e-wallet, credit/debit card, and cryptocurrency. Depending on what you choose, processing time can vary.

Payments via credit/debit card and crypto are processed almost instantly, letting you start trading right away. Bank wires, on the other hand, can take up to several business days, depending on how fast your bank settles the transfer. 

CFD Centre conclusions 

CFD Centre proves to be a reliable CFD broker, committed to full customer satisfaction. Trading CFDs with this brand means access to tight trading costs, accurate trade execution, fast customer support, and educational features. Getting involved in the financial markets requires not just preparation, but also trusted tools like the ones that are offered by CFD Centre. There is also a bonus promotion in place for traders who are able to meet the terms and conditions, and this bonus can help you gain more purchasing power. 

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