Best Trading Platform for Mac

There is a plethora of trading applications but one thing that surprises me is the fact that not enough have been made to be worked with on Apple computers. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the cost that will be incurred building trading platforms for Mac OS. Still, the best trading platform for Mac remains MT4. Maybe there are no APIs or SDKs. Who knows. But we as forex traders, irrespective of the computers we have, should trade.

There are a few options to trading on a Mac. The best option for me, as a Mac User so far has been to install a virtual machine. In my opinion the most suitable virtual machine application for Mac is Parallels. With Parallels, you can install a windows system and then have your MT4 trading platform on the virtual machine. Everything works nice and smoothly as it would on a real windows machine. No doubt about that. Downside is that Parallels is not free. But there’s a free virtual machine system from Oracle called VirtualBox which works flawlessly as well.
The only reason I prefer Parallels is that it gives me the ability to integrate a windows operating system into my Mac OS. What I mean by that is the ability that I have to seamlessly copy and paste or even share networks and disks across operating systems. If you’re just wanting to trade an MT4 platform, VirtualBox will be enough for you. And that’ll be the only thing you’ll need.

Alternatives to MT4

MT4 is a very popular trading platform with a lot of useful features. So what if you don’t want to trade on a virtual machine? What are the other options. Web Trading. Some brokers these days give clients the possibility to trade using a web terminal. With my observation, I have come to realise that if a broker doesn’t have a web trading terminal, they in some way have a trading platform built with Java that will run on Mac systems. Trading using the web terminal is not bad. I have tried it before and can attest to that. Dukascopy has JForex, Exness has a perfect web trading platform, Oanda have another that work natively with Mac and the list goes on.


There’s also a native MT4 platform for iOS that you can install on an iPhone or iPad and it works quiet well too when you’re on the go. I’m writing this post in a bus and below you can find my MT4 app on my iPhone.


There’s no excuse for Apple fans not to trade comfortably and make money. The are unlimited options. Go for it!

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