4 Forex Ponzi Scheme Perpetrators Face Charges in Thailand

Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation or DSI is getting ready to summon four more suspects to acknowledge charges for their alleged participation in a forex Ponzi scheme.

The latter is reportedly the Forex-3D Ponzi scheme. This scam enticed thousands of unwitting investors to pour their investment funds into what they believed to be foreign exchange trading.

However, the scam run by 28-year-old swindler Apiruk Kothi gave the victims false promises of high investment returns. Kothi was captured on January 15 last year, following over one year of being on the run.

We want to warn our followers about the widespread incidence of forex Ponzi schemes. We believe they can stay cautious and safeguarded with this relevant news, so we are posting it on our portal.

According to the Friday, September 9, 2022 news posted online by Thai newspaper The Bangkok Post, the prosecutors requested the DSI to take legal action against 16 more suspects.

These felons consisted of singer Suteewan “Baitoey” Kunchorn and Pattanapon “DJ Man” Mintakin last August 19, 2022.

The DSI conducted a conference last Thursday, September 8, 2022 to conclude the case. This meeting was led by Police Captain Wissanu Chimtrakul, who is the director of the DSI’s informal financial business cases.

Chimtrakul cited that his department would initially summon celebrity couple Kunchorn and Mintakin and the two other suspects to acknowledge the charges against them next Thursday, September 15, 2022.

He also remarked that investigators found evidence to confirm the celebrity couple’s involvement in the forex Ponzi scheme. These proofs include persuading other people to join the fraud and irregular financial transactions.

The investigators will also consider the details the celebrity couple provided last 2019 as state witnesses.

Prosecutors believe Kunchorn and Mintakin’s actions possibly caused widespread damage, with many unsuspecting investors falling for the forex Ponzi scheme due to their credibility and reputation.

Chimtrakul added that this incident happened while the other two suspects were among the scam’s team leaders. The four forex Ponzi scheme suspects will initially face three charges.

They comprise the dissemination of false details to the public causing damage to the investors, fraud, and loan fraud. These charges are similar to those for Sawika “Pinky” Chaiyadej.

This actress is presently held in the Central Correctional Institution for Women in Thailand. The DSI stated that Chaiyadej and the celebrity couple were brought in as collaborators by Kittichet Chaidet.

The latter is Chaiyadej’s brother, who is also serving jail time. Chimtrakul said their group would issue arrest warrants if the four suspects failed to respond to the police summons.

We feel better with this report about the Thai authorities summoning four more suspects in a forex Ponzi scheme, which includes a celebrity couple.

We are glad that Thailand’s law enforcement system is working. We think Thai people will considerably benefit from their criminal justice system that penalizes forex Ponzi scheme swindlers.

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