5 Reasons to Start Trading Forex Now

We all have our usual jobs and stuff we spend our full time on. But I must mention that in 2015, if you’re not trading forex already, you’re missing big time! Well maybe not big time but who wouldn’t use a few more hundreds of dollars or even thousands.

Forex trading is not for everybody, and I repeat, Forex trading is NOT for everybody. It can be a bad experience for some, and it can be something that your future could even be built upon if you do study it carefully. In this post, I am not going to try to convince you to trade forex, but I will give you very good reasons why you should already start trading the market now.

Forex Market Liquidity
Liquidity. Liquidity is a market’s ability to facilitate an asset being sold quickly without having to reduce its price very much (or even at all). What does this mean to us. Well simply put, your assets (money) in forex can be sold instantly when you speculate a price change. If you made the right decision, chances are that you’re making a profit because you don’t even have to reduce the price of your asset (assuming you’re going to sell it) considering the price at which you bought your asset is envisioned to go down.

The forex market has the biggest market cap in the world. There’s a daily turnover of US$4 trillion and this is fast increasing! This is big money and winning the smallest percentage of this share for most people will be like winning a fortune. And almost everyone can take part in this market without having to sacrifice so much apart from some time to really study the trends and algorithms.

This lucrative business nowadays is run solely online. You don’t have to move from home and there’s no paperwork involved. It couldn’t be easier. All you need is an internet connection, a good broker and maybe an hour or 2 a day (depending on how busy your schedule is). Exness and Tallinex are among the best brokers and I highly recommend them.

Low starting capital. You can start trading with as little as $100 or even $50 and trade very small lots to get your feet wet or learn the bits and pieces before starting to trade big lots. The sweet side is that you don’t even have to start straight off with trading real money. You can trade virtual currencies with real market conditions just to get the feel of how things move and practice or develop a strategy.

And last but not the least, there are free learning materials available, and I mean very good stuff out there. My first choice, is BabyPips. You can check them out before you make any move into the market especially if you’re a beginner.

As it stands now, there’s no real excuse not to enter this beautiful market this year for some passive cash. Happy New Year!

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