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EFT Markets Review

Euro global payments currency

Why the Euro is Now the Top Global Payments Currency?

Aggressive monetary intervention from the Federal Reserve had put pressure on the US dollar and in combination with several other factors, the global reserve currency was overtaken by the Euro...

sharpe ratio

What is the Sharpe Ratio and Does It Matter for FX Traders?

Professional FX traders are constantly thinking about the balance between risk and return and because of that, one of the most popular indicators is the Sharpe ratio. Created by William...

joe biden and FX market

What a Joe Biden Presidency Means for the FX Market?

Although there are still votes to be counted and the prospects for a contested result alive, the latest numbers are projecting a change of power at the White House. Joe...

Turkish lira

Why the Turkish Lira is Under Pressure?

Although there is still a lot of attention on the largest currencies like the US dollar and the Euro, the Turkish Lira is one of the emerging markets currencies that...

US dollar bid

US Dollar Inflows Ahead of November 3rd?

Despite the importance of the November 3rd US Presidential Election, the US dollar had been under pressure since the end of September, mainly influenced by the prospects of the new...

Broker Bonus Min Deposit Leverage Review Open Account
24option broker logo No bonus €250 1:400 Review Visit Broker
500investments logo USA Pending Bonus $250 up to 1:400 Review Visit Broker
AVA trade broker logo No bonus 100$ 400:1 Review Visit Broker
No Bonus $1,000 1:30 maximum Review Visit Broker
1:300 Review Visit Broker
CMarketsGroup logo $250 Up to 1:500 Review Visit Broker
Dow500 logo No bonus $1 Up to 1:200 Review Visit Broker
Not specified Up to 1:400 Review Visit Broker
No bonus 0-250 up to 1:500 Review Visit Broker
EverFX logo Deposit Bonus 250 Up to 1:500 Review Visit Broker
$250 Up to 1:30 (retail) and 1:400 (professional) Review Visit Broker
Finetero logo No bonus € 200 Up to 1:200 Review Visit Broker
Finq broker logo No deposit bonus 100$ Up to 1:300 for Forex, Up to 1:200 for Commodities, Up to 1:200 for Indices, Up to 1:100 for ETFs, Up to 1:100 for Bonds, Up to 1:10 for Shares Review Visit Broker
FXCM broker logo No bonus 50$ 1:200 Review Visit Broker
FOREX.com broker logo USA No Bonus 50$ 1:50 for US accounts, 1:400 for Non-US accounts Review Visit Broker
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